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Munster Raving Loony Party 2019 en Roda de Bará (Tarragona)

By Public demand...Munster goes back to the beach to Camping Arc De Bara between Tarragona/Barcelona.

3 days of Garage Punk & Rock 'n' Roll Madness with a multi international LOONY family taking place at an amazing Bungalow & Camping resort where everyone lives eats drinks dances and parties on site all weekend!

It's like no other party you've ever been too! its not a shiny disco club, its not a huge field with barriers in front of the stage, it's not a boring sports hall turned into a concert! it's MUNSTER, we got inside, outside, daytime and nigh time shows and happenings! we got cheap bungalows and cabins and places for tents and caravans, we got a beautiful swimming pool with sideshows, we got late night beach parties, we have an amazing Loony family from EVERYWHERE that loves to party, we have the world famous ALL GIRL DJ CREW spinning vinyl records until late! we got cheap beer! cheap eats! Punk Bands, Garage Bands, Rock Bands and Roll Bands! IT's MAD!

See you next year Loonys!

Preliminary Schedule:
Friday 31st May:
21.00 TBC
22.00 Les Lullies (Fr)
23.00 Les Grys-Grys (Fr)
All Girl Dj Crew until late

Saturday 1 June
14.00 Pool Party with
Frank Castro Trash SideShow

19.00 Mossén Bramit Morera i Els Morts (esp)
20.00 Ye Nuns (uk)
21.00 Thee Gravemen (sw/uk)
22.00 Ug & the Cavemen (uk)
23.00 Labretta Suede & the Motel 6 (Nz)
All Girl Dj Crew until late

Sunday 2 June
16.00 Las Pésimas (esp)
17.00 Furies (esp)
18.00 Toxenes (usa)
19.00 Abjects (uk)
20.00 Glam Skanks (usa)
21.00 King Khan LTD (Can/D/Fr)
All Girl Dj Crew until late

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